Praesidium Investment Management Company was founded on the principles of delivering superior long-term returns at the lowest possible risk. Praesidium believes that having a world class investor base of like-minded, high quality organizations is the real key to investment success. The firm has an intense focus on building and cultivating a team oriented culture of always putting the client first, a thirst to learn and excel, and a constant striving for improvement in everything Praesidium does.

Guiding Principles that Form the Foundation of Praesidium:

  • The interest of Praesidium’s investors comes first in everything the firm does. Acting as a fiduciary is a sacred trust that can never be broken.
  • Act with the highest level of integrity in every action Praesidium takes. The firm’s reputation is its most important asset.
  • Approach public investing with the same philosophy as if purchasing entire companies: acquiring high-quality businesses that generate large amounts of compounding free cash flow at prices well below their intrinsic value.
  • Always focus on building a world class team and culture. The firm cares deeply about being regarded in the industry as first rate and as the best at every touch point.
  • Communicate with investment partners candidly and be as transparent as required for them to always understand what Praesidium is doing and why the team is doing it.