“We have valued the great relationship that Culp has had with Praesidium . . . It was obvious from the initial meeting that their approach was different and unique. . . . Our company and our shareholders have benefited from our association with them.”

Franklin Saxon, President/CEO of Culp, Inc.

"Before initiating a position in our company, they gained significant knowledge of our technology, customers and competitors. . . . During their ownership period . . . I often came away with additional and useful perspectives on our business based on their thorough research.”

Gene Cassis, CFO of Waters Corp.

“Praesidium often presented ideas that resulted from their analytical approach which challenged the management team and gave us a valuable second perspective on how to think about operating metrics and overall return on equity. As CEO of the company, this was just the kind of shareholder I wanted.”

Hamish Brewer, Former CEO of JDA Software Group, Inc.

“Praesidium approached their investment in Epicor with an attention to detail and a level of diligence not seen from most of our largest institutional holders nor many of our covering research analysts. Their extensive analysis . . . gave them the ability to engage our executive management team in meaningful and highly constructive dialogue. . . .”

Mike Pietrini, Former CFO/EVP Finance of Epicor Software Corp.

Praesidium strives to create value by (i) taking ownership stakes in public companies it believes are undervalued, overlooked and off the radar of most other investors and by (ii) working closely with the management teams and boards of those companies in an effort to create and maximize value for shareholders – all underpinned by a rigorous and proprietary fundamental research process.

The Praesidium Strategic Opportunities Strategy, incepted in March 2008, holds ownership stakes in approximately 12-15 publicly listed companies for multi-year investment periods.

The strategy’s idea generation process focuses on examining inefficient areas of the market in an effort to uncover high quality businesses that are trading at a significant discount to their intrinsic value.

Investment decisions are based on a well-established, rigorous and proprietary research process that entails extensive, multi-month fundamental analysis in order to build a deep understanding of the long-term economics of a company’s business.

Driven by its significant research and deep knowledge of each company, Praesidium takes a hands-on, constructive approach and works closely with company management and boards in an effort to create and maximize value for shareholders, similar to that of a private equity investment approach, but in the public market.